Welcome to Campania District School


Campania District School serves the educational needs of students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 10 residing in the Coal Valley and nearby surrounding areas. 
Our school features expansive grounds and excellent facilities including a school farm in close proximity to the main campus, a computer laboratory, a science laboratory, a cooking room, an art room, a library and a full sized gymnasium.  With a relatively low school population, our students enjoy close personal attention and regular access to these resources.  Other subjects such as MDT and LOTE will be catered for in the 2013 school year through resource sharing with neighbouring schools and online courses.  Successful programs such as Human Powered Vehicles and work on “The Respect Junior Sedan” [more simply known as "The Car"] will also continue to enrich the curriculum offerings through 2013.
Enrolment at Campania District High School is in line with the Department of Education’s guidelines.  Families who believe their children are eligible can contact the school using any of the methods below.